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My 25 Year Vision for Sooke

My vision for Sooke 25 years from now is that of a small town living in partnership with T’Sou-ke First Nation, surrounded by forests and farms. Sooke's small, dense, walkable core houses a mix of healthy local businesses. Residents in the core enjoy zero carbon homes and find day-to-day needs, including solitude in nature, within an easy walk. Everyone has a safe place to live that is comfortable year round. Outside the core, treed neighbourhoods each carry their own unique brand of Sooke-ness while enjoying local-serving groceries, child-care facilities, community food gardens; parks and trails connecting them with other neighbourhoods and the core. While Sooke’s winding roads have at least one sidewalk and bike-lane many pedestrians and riders never need to use the roadway. Homes harvest rainwater, and stormwater is directed into bio swales and rain gardens to replenish the groundwater. Sooke Harbour is clean and home to all manner of wildlife.

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